Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP and The Hope It Brings



As a fan of Lady Gaga myself, I’m stoked for her new album. But those who aren’t fans of Gaga seem to think this is another strike to be on the news and more fame. 

Given, Gaga lives for her fame, as any celebrity. This new album is almost a musical shrine for her undeniable love for Andy Warhol, which is why the album being about fame doesn’t surprise me. Andy himself was always one for fame, he loved it. Fame to him was art, and it is in its own very special way. 

As a teenager of this generation, I think that Lady Gaga can help bring back something we never got to have. We didn’t have a David Bowie, or a Madonna on the TV growing up. We have people like Justin Beiber and One Direction who we’re suppose to worship.

My personal reference for music is all over the place. I’ve been adoring the 60s Psychedelic Rock and the 70s Rock ‘n’ Roll for almost a year now, living in my mind that it is mainstream music. Hearing Pink Floyd on the radio and thinking “I wonder if they’re letting out a new album soon”. Lady Gaga is hope for people like me because she can start something not many other artist now can do. She has one of the most faithful fanbase’s ever that would do whatever she says.  And if she wants an pop-art revolution, then why don’t we do just that? As someone who worships Warhol myself, I think what she’s doing is genius.

She just get out her new single ‘APPLAUSE’, which she did not lie about, it was very different. It had a very Siouxsie and the Banshee’s feel to it, I could almost smell the hairspray from teasing her hair. It’s certainly an 80’s inspired tune.  I enjoyed it though, but I don’t think it’s her best she has to offer, and I doubt its all she has up her sleeve.

People are thinking she’s running out of ideas. I think it’s kind of funny, because I think she’s just beginning with them.


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