Roger Waters Retiring?


There’s been small talk about Roger Waters retiring after this tour with The Wall in Europe, finishes. As a teenager who is not only a huge Pink Floyd fan, but also Roger himself, this is very disappointing. I have yet to see him live yet and I have been waiting for him to restart a tour in America. 

But I cannot exactly blame the man. He’s 69, turning 70 in September, years old, was only re-married in 2012, and has been touring almost nonstop since the 1970s!

The Wall is a show like nothing else has ever been. Its something Pete Townshend of The Who could of only dreamed of having with Tommy or Quadrophenia. Not only is the album a heartbreaking story, the show just adds to the experience. I’ve met several people who have claimed it was like nothing they’d ever seen or felt. That’s a damn good show.

I’ve only heard a few things about this, so it could not be true. But if it is, it’s personally a really sad disappointment, but as a human being, good for him. The man deserves a break anyway with all the shit he gets.

Keep rockin’ Roger.


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