That Sedgwick Fashion and Pink Floyd Sound

EdieEver since I was younger I enjoyed the older things in life. I suppose that’s why I’m so much more “mature” as many people say I am. I don’t see it.

My first taste of psychedelic rock was the mumbled love songs of Syd Barrett. It was only a few weeks before my 14th birthday. My friend had been a fan of him and I figured why not give him a shot? The first song my ears had the pleasure of hearing was Here I Go. A simple, sweet, love song about the girl he loves leaving and falling in love with her sister. That was a dream changing moment for me.

Almost instantly I began listening to Bob Dylan, Donovan, Syd’s solo albums and Pink Floyd’s Piper At The Gates Of Dawn. I couldn’t believe I had been missing all of this for so long. I threw down my paint brush and picked up a journal, pen and a guitar. I was going to write songs and make folk rock like Dylan himself. I wrote silly fantasy poems, obviously trying to copy Syd’s style. My bad guitar skills and awful voice gave quite the opposite effect.

Only a few weeks later I found myself drowning in Led Zeppelin. What a new sound that was. I fell on my knees, drooling over Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. Robert made me stomp my feet down and sing. I was going to be damned if I couldn’t sway my voice the same as his in Hey, Hey What Can I Do or softly whine like in Since I’ve Been Loving You. The blues found a way into my life there.

After weeks, maybe even months, of listening to my three Zeppelin albums on repeat, I was burnt out. My adoration for Plant was limited, and my attraction to Jimmy’s sound was low. I needed a break, so I picked out my few Pink Floyd CD’s I had and finally found myself listening to Meddle for the first time. It was soft and happy. Happy! I didn’t know until then that ‘happy’ and Pink Floyd could even be in the same sentence. The moment I heard Roger’s darling voice in San Tropez I knew he was something else. But not expecting it, Echoes found it’s way into my brain. Starting out with the same key on the piano softly clinging and the drums building up. My heart felt like it was about to burst. After the 23 minute song came to an end, I was changed. I knew this band was going to change how I felt about so many things. And god it did,

After I heard Dark Side of the Moon for the first time, I fell in love with Roger Waters. How couldn’t I? Someone who could write a song that well deserved it. And, god, I thought he was so cute.

After listening to The Wall for a month straight, completely memorizing the whole album, I stopped. I remembered a certain messy haired man named Syd, who had inspired so many of these albums. I picked up my fathers acoustic guitar that was to big for my body and started writing poems again.

Just a few months ago I re-discovered my love for the artist Andy Warhol, being lucky enough for my 12th birthday two year prior to go to the Warhol Exhibit in Pittsburgh. I began painting again, and drawing more often and I remembered a girl named Edie. The It Girl. I read about her. Read and read and read. I was so entranced by her life and her fashion and beauty. I wanted to be Edie Sedgwick.

I suppose I’ve succeeded in a small way. Plenty of people say I look like her, or will link me to a photo of her saying “I thought this was you”. It’s a great feeling. I dress in a similar fashion to her, even though the idea sounds heavenly, I dont try or want to look just like her. I still have to be myself somewhat, even though me and her do share a lot of similarities.

And now we’re here, today. I’m drinking tea thats been sweetened like coffee and I’m tired. Nothing much has really changed from everything I just told you about my life. I just thought I would share.


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