Disapointed That I Wont Be Able To See Temples.


The psychedelic and all that glitters Temples are finally reaching out of Europe and making their way to America and Canada. They only have a few shows at the moment, given that they’re still rather unknown, their gigs are mostly at bars.

This is disappointing for me. I’ve gathered a more than small crush on the front man James Bagshaw and I was very excited to finally have a chance to see him and maybe him meet him. Temples have become easily one of my favourite bands.

And why can’t I go see this great band?

Age restrictions. 

As I said before, they’re playing in bars mostly. Which means 21 or up. This is a shame for me given I’m only 15. I guess I’m also happy to of caught that though, because I would of bought tickets and tried to go and not of been allowed. 

I’m very sad though. Its rare I get to see favourite bands of mine, and when I do something like this seems to happen. I suppose I’ll wait until they’re able to play in more places, but the tickets are so cheap right now.



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