Edie and Twiggy Pt. 3

I figured I’d finish this series with these great gals famous haircuts!

Both short, boyish, and blonde, these hair styles were a break though for womens hair!

We’ll begin with Edie once again!

Edie had a really simple cut, that she would do a lot with. Her cut was almost a bowl cut, her bangs (when worn down) would fall right into her eyes, the top layer would be all one length minus her sides.

Here’s some good photos of her hair down:


It was her bangs she really did something with. She would part them and slick them back like this:



Or stick them up, like this:


Or she’d wear them just pushed out of her face. (Since I have her haircut, I often wear mine like this)


Now Edie, from what I understood, didnt bleach her hair until later on in the late 60s, but she often sprayed her hair silver to match the wigs Andy wore. She almost always had some dark roots.

Twiggy time!

Twiggy had one cut that we all know!


Twiggys cut in insanely simple. Long bangs in the front tucked behind the ears, short, stacked back. Thats literally it. She never really wore her hair different until the late 60s when she grew into a tiny, cute bob, this like:


Twiggs in the 70s eventually grew her hair out when she started modeling for BIBA, its almost odd seeing her with that much hair! But she worked it!


Thank you for reading this little mini-series! If you would like me to do a series like this with anyone else let me know! I might do it!



I’m a sucker for ’em! This is just a little post showing some of the most well known brows in makeup history!

The 20s statement brow was a very, very thin and black.



The 30s still had thin brow, but they lightened up and became a bit more natural looking.



The 40s was the start of the iconic 50s pinup brow, thicker and high arched.



Then the glorious, adored 50’s brow came in by the one and only Marilyn Monroe! You can kill ’em dead with this brow!



The 60s had one of the best statement brows by the one and only Audrey Hepburn! Thick, dark and straight across!



The 70s brought a very similar look that the 20s had, thin and dark!



The 80s were all over the place, they went anywhere from thin to thick!

And we’ll be finished with the 90s, which was very 70s inspired  Thin brows are back again!



Edie and Twiggy Pt. 2

So in my last post I spoke about Twiggs and Edie’s makeup, so I thought I would make one about their fashion! I dress everyday like at least one of these fab girls, so I know a thing or two!

I’ll begin with Edie like I did in my last post.

Edie is known for wearing shirts over a leotard and black tights. Its iconic! Her huge chandelier earrings and knee high boots! Its glamorous and chic!

Striped shirts, heavy sweaters, 3/4 sleeves, mini dresses and skirts, nothing screams more Sedgwick than that.



Edie said herself that the reason she wore her leotards is because she had a dance class that she went to and was too lazy to change and just slipped a shirt on over it, not worrying about Andy making advances since she knew he was gay.

So basically, she changed fashion forever because she didn’t want to change! Now I figure in this post, I’ll go into how you can have a toned down Sedgwick outfit, because I understand not everyone can walk around in leotards and high heels!

Now one thing that really made Edie’s look was her hair (but that’ll be in part 3 of this little series) so when dressing like her, I would suggest doing an updo if you have long hair. A good 60s do will do, like the one Sienna Miller wore in the movie Factory Girl, she played Edie.



Now a good way to get away with Edie’s look is mini dresses! I am a sucker for mini anything!

Edie had a mod spin-off look to her. She was almost always monotone with silver, but she would introduce reds and greens sometimes.

Good square cut dresses are the way to go like these:



All a very modern Edie look!

Now if you want to have a leotard Edie-ish feel, shorts and tights are your best friend!

A more modern feel would be looser, longer shorts like these:



But if you dont want a more “modern” approach, tight short shorts will do the trick! Preferably in black!

When it comes to shirts, sleeveless square cut, short sleeve square cut, 3/4 sleeve square cut, long sleeve square cut! Square cut anything instantly will give a 60s feel!

Shoes are basically anywhere from short, thick heels to knee high heeled boots! Black or silver! 

Her earrings are obviously her most iconic accessory.

Long, big chandelier earrings! You dont even have to go “modern” for this! Any big set of earrings will work! Try to keep the earrings black, silver, or with jewels.

These are Edie’s most well known earrings:


The bigger the better!


Moving onto Twiggy!


Twiggy is the mod queen! While the same square cut to almost anything, like Edie, but unlike our It Girl, Twiggy wore a lot more colours!



Luckily I dont have to go much into Twiggy because her look is always in fashion! You can find a short, square cut dress just about anywhere!

Twiggy often wore white tights, but in the later 60s when her fashion had a more psychedelic feel to it, she would start wearing pink, blue, yellow, etc. colours of tights. 

Shoes were almost 100% the iconic mod heel. 



Basically, if the heel is short and thick, you’re good.

Theres not much point in trying to make her outfits more “modern”, because the 60s mod look is still incredibly modern!

Twiggy never really had many looks until she moved onto BIBA in the 70s, but I wont go into that (unless someone wants me too) so I suppose I’ll end this post here.

Good luck!


Edie and Twiggy

So I’ve been running around on here and Tumblr and whenever I hear someone talk about Edie Sedgwick or Twiggy’s style, I almost always hear them say:

“I love her makeup, but I could never pull it off.”

I wont lie, heavy eyeliner like these girls wore isn’t for everyone. But I believe one way or another, anyone can have Sedgwick or Twiggs inspired makeup.

Now if you have a nice round face and big eyes, the 60s dolly eyes I can almost 100% guarantee, you can pull off. A lot of peoples worries is that its ‘too much makeup’. Let me tell you a thing, folks: I wear Twiggy dolly eyes every single time I go out, it is my everyday makeup, and I only ever get compliments. And its not like someone is going to walk up to you and tell you “You’re wearing too much eye makeup”. No one cares enough.

Another worry I hear is that people think the makeup is difficult, the cut crease and the drawn on under lashes. While it can be weird the first few times you do it, after you learn your eye shape, its so easy!

Theres only  things to keep in mind when doing 60s makeup:

1. The line doesn’t go up like a classic 50s cateye, it the line either goes straight out or even down. But if doing Edie makeup, the line can go up. Her line didn’t always go up, but for her more well known eye makeup looks, the line was more 50s looking.

2. The cut crease should follow your natural socket line.

3. white eyeliner on your waterline is optional, but makes magic happen for making your eyes look bigger.

4. Now Edie Sedgwick often just put a heavy black line under her bottom lashes that connected to the top eyeliner, and Twiggy drew on lashes. Drawing on these lashes takes time, and deciding whether you prefer thicker or thinner lashes. Twiggs kept hers rather thin and slanted hers.



Edie is most well known for her heavy filled in, thick eyebrows. Just about anyone can look good with big brows as long as you find a good shape.

Her makeup was obviously surrounded by the eyes. This look here is probably one of the, if not the most, well known styles. She made herself very pale, very little to no blush, natural or pale pink lips and very black eyes, white eyeshadow was used for contrast. Edie’s short hair was a very dark, rich brown that she sprayed silver, not bleached like most people think. Her whole purpose of her style was to basically look like the girl Andy Warhol.

Edie’s career as an actress and socialite ended around 1969-70ish and she married in ’71. Edie died at 28 years old.



Twiggy used this look almost through out her whole career as a model. In fact, when you mention 60s fashion or makeup, just about anyone will think of Twiggy’s iconic eyes.

Twiggy and Edie, while both had the same basic idea, had rather different makeup. Twiggy’s cut crease was higher and much rounder than Edie’s, Edie’s almost actually was rather straight. Instead of going straight out or up, Twiggy’s upper eyeliner went down, her cut crease went down with it. She normally only ever had about 9-10 lashes she would draw on the bottom, she used white eyeliner on the water line every now and then it seems.

Her eyebrows were very lightly filled in to look more natural, and she never seemed to wear lipstick or blush. Twiggy’s career eventually switched to BIBA looks in the early 70s, which was very 20s flapper inspired.


Deep plums, and brownish reds, olives, pinks, yellows and many more were BIBA colours. Very thin, round eyebrows, dark deep rich eyeshadow, dark eyeliner, blush and dark lips. BIBA is one of the most iconic 70s makeup and the basic idea is quite often used in runway and editorial magazines. The fashion consisted of mostly 20s and 30s fashion, long beautiful silk, satin dresses and skirts. Long, big hair with scarves was very BIBA as well.

Twiggy’s most iconic model career ended in the 70s, around after having her first child. but she is still the most well known model of the 60s, who changed makeup forever.

The Factory Girl: Edie Sedgwick

Sloppy Etymology

“One person in the ‘60s fascinated me more than anybody I have ever known. The fascination I experienced was probably very close to a certain kind of love.”

Andy Warhol

I recently read up a lot about Edie Sedgwick, the 1960s American actress, fashion model, socialite and Andy Warhol’s superstar Factory Girl. None of the things I read gave much highlight into what I was looking for. Blatant facts, critical accusations and fashion musings. I did pick up a lot about her background and none of it seemed to be pretty. It’s so easy to turn someone’s life inside out and negate anything and everything you see in the harshest of lights. I also understand repugnance towards certain ways of life and while that is all understandable sometimes I feel the need to restore some kind of order into this universe. The Internet is a universe on its own…

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I Like You, Even Though You Live Across The Atlantic Ocean

I’m making a short film, and the title is a bit of a mouth full, but its true. 

This film is 100% about me and my current situation. I hope to get an actor or actress to play the role soon, because I would prefer to film it myself. While most of it will be filmed in my home or around my neighborhood, a good chunk will be hopefully done downtown in a record shop and a bistro that my mother works at. 

I written most of the screen play, I hope for the film to only be at most 5 minutes long. Shorter is preferred though. The music played in the back round will only consist of me or a friend playing guitar to a Bob Dylan song, since Bob is an important symbol to the story. 

The short will be posted to my YouTube channel. I hope to have this short completed by next year.  This is my first time making a film myself, so I figured might as well give myself a while to get it ready and what not. I need to buy only a few things, but all in all I’d say this film will only cost about $100, but its mostly lights I’ll be buying. I’d like to film it in Spring of next year when every things blooming, or fall when every things dying.

I’m rather excited about this because I do plan to use my “artistic talents” in this film, like drawing, painting, those sort of things. This film is important to me I suppose not only because its about me, but because I’ve never used emotions like love to make into art. 

I’ll keep you all updated on the progress I make in the long run.