I Like You, Even Though You Live Across The Atlantic Ocean

I’m making a short film, and the title is a bit of a mouth full, but its true. 

This film is 100% about me and my current situation. I hope to get an actor or actress to play the role soon, because I would prefer to film it myself. While most of it will be filmed in my home or around my neighborhood, a good chunk will be hopefully done downtown in a record shop and a bistro that my mother works at. 

I written most of the screen play, I hope for the film to only be at most 5 minutes long. Shorter is preferred though. The music played in the back round will only consist of me or a friend playing guitar to a Bob Dylan song, since Bob is an important symbol to the story. 

The short will be posted to my YouTube channel. I hope to have this short completed by next year.  This is my first time making a film myself, so I figured might as well give myself a while to get it ready and what not. I need to buy only a few things, but all in all I’d say this film will only cost about $100, but its mostly lights I’ll be buying. I’d like to film it in Spring of next year when every things blooming, or fall when every things dying.

I’m rather excited about this because I do plan to use my “artistic talents” in this film, like drawing, painting, those sort of things. This film is important to me I suppose not only because its about me, but because I’ve never used emotions like love to make into art. 

I’ll keep you all updated on the progress I make in the long run.


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