I’m a sucker for ’em! This is just a little post showing some of the most well known brows in makeup history!

The 20s statement brow was a very, very thin and black.



The 30s still had thin brow, but they lightened up and became a bit more natural looking.



The 40s was the start of the iconic 50s pinup brow, thicker and high arched.



Then the glorious, adored 50’s brow came in by the one and only Marilyn Monroe! You can kill ’em dead with this brow!



The 60s had one of the best statement brows by the one and only Audrey Hepburn! Thick, dark and straight across!



The 70s brought a very similar look that the 20s had, thin and dark!



The 80s were all over the place, they went anywhere from thin to thick!

And we’ll be finished with the 90s, which was very 70s inspired  Thin brows are back again!




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