Edie and Twiggy Pt. 2

So in my last post I spoke about Twiggs and Edie’s makeup, so I thought I would make one about their fashion! I dress everyday like at least one of these fab girls, so I know a thing or two!

I’ll begin with Edie like I did in my last post.

Edie is known for wearing shirts over a leotard and black tights. Its iconic! Her huge chandelier earrings and knee high boots! Its glamorous and chic!

Striped shirts, heavy sweaters, 3/4 sleeves, mini dresses and skirts, nothing screams more Sedgwick than that.



Edie said herself that the reason she wore her leotards is because she had a dance class that she went to and was too lazy to change and just slipped a shirt on over it, not worrying about Andy making advances since she knew he was gay.

So basically, she changed fashion forever because she didn’t want to change! Now I figure in this post, I’ll go into how you can have a toned down Sedgwick outfit, because I understand not everyone can walk around in leotards and high heels!

Now one thing that really made Edie’s look was her hair (but that’ll be in part 3 of this little series) so when dressing like her, I would suggest doing an updo if you have long hair. A good 60s do will do, like the one Sienna Miller wore in the movie Factory Girl, she played Edie.



Now a good way to get away with Edie’s look is mini dresses! I am a sucker for mini anything!

Edie had a mod spin-off look to her. She was almost always monotone with silver, but she would introduce reds and greens sometimes.

Good square cut dresses are the way to go like these:



All a very modern Edie look!

Now if you want to have a leotard Edie-ish feel, shorts and tights are your best friend!

A more modern feel would be looser, longer shorts like these:



But if you dont want a more “modern” approach, tight short shorts will do the trick! Preferably in black!

When it comes to shirts, sleeveless square cut, short sleeve square cut, 3/4 sleeve square cut, long sleeve square cut! Square cut anything instantly will give a 60s feel!

Shoes are basically anywhere from short, thick heels to knee high heeled boots! Black or silver! 

Her earrings are obviously her most iconic accessory.

Long, big chandelier earrings! You dont even have to go “modern” for this! Any big set of earrings will work! Try to keep the earrings black, silver, or with jewels.

These are Edie’s most well known earrings:


The bigger the better!


Moving onto Twiggy!


Twiggy is the mod queen! While the same square cut to almost anything, like Edie, but unlike our It Girl, Twiggy wore a lot more colours!



Luckily I dont have to go much into Twiggy because her look is always in fashion! You can find a short, square cut dress just about anywhere!

Twiggy often wore white tights, but in the later 60s when her fashion had a more psychedelic feel to it, she would start wearing pink, blue, yellow, etc. colours of tights. 

Shoes were almost 100% the iconic mod heel. 



Basically, if the heel is short and thick, you’re good.

Theres not much point in trying to make her outfits more “modern”, because the 60s mod look is still incredibly modern!

Twiggy never really had many looks until she moved onto BIBA in the 70s, but I wont go into that (unless someone wants me too) so I suppose I’ll end this post here.

Good luck!



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