Edie and Twiggy Pt. 3

I figured I’d finish this series with these great gals famous haircuts!

Both short, boyish, and blonde, these hair styles were a break though for womens hair!

We’ll begin with Edie once again!

Edie had a really simple cut, that she would do a lot with. Her cut was almost a bowl cut, her bangs (when worn down) would fall right into her eyes, the top layer would be all one length minus her sides.

Here’s some good photos of her hair down:


It was her bangs she really did something with. She would part them and slick them back like this:



Or stick them up, like this:


Or she’d wear them just pushed out of her face. (Since I have her haircut, I often wear mine like this)


Now Edie, from what I understood, didnt bleach her hair until later on in the late 60s, but she often sprayed her hair silver to match the wigs Andy wore. She almost always had some dark roots.

Twiggy time!

Twiggy had one cut that we all know!


Twiggys cut in insanely simple. Long bangs in the front tucked behind the ears, short, stacked back. Thats literally it. She never really wore her hair different until the late 60s when she grew into a tiny, cute bob, this like:


Twiggs in the 70s eventually grew her hair out when she started modeling for BIBA, its almost odd seeing her with that much hair! But she worked it!


Thank you for reading this little mini-series! If you would like me to do a series like this with anyone else let me know! I might do it!


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